Exhibition Idea : My Project as Augmented Poster

This is intended as an example of an inetractive exhibition poster that can explain the work from my final project. Meant as an interactive experience, if you have a smart phone with the app Blippar  you should be able to interact with the items located within picture frames. Click on the image or download a full size copy!

Article: The Influence of E D Hirsch

An article based on some of the research I carried out for this project was recently featured in SecED magazine:

Gove vs Kwame-Appiah - Radio documentary Clash

Two nice radio examples of the main issues running through my research. First we have Michael Gove's School of Hard Facts in which the BBC highlight his dependence on the thinking of E.D.Hirsch and in doing so changes our curriculum into a nonsensical real life quiz show (except its for 12 -14 years and doesn't end in anyone winning a holiday for two to the isle of Fernandos!!)

To counter this I have provided the link to Kwame Anthony-Appiah's Reith lectures which aren't particularly addressing the idea of the changes to the recent UK curriculum, however his understanding of the complexities and nuances of culture and his call for the end of value judgements based on which culture we percieve to be 'better than others' is surely the antidote to Gove's depressingly archaic view of what Education is and can be.

Exhibition Video

A video of my final exhibition of my MA work, delivered at Haggerston School, London. This was delivered as part of the staff CPD and focussed on allowing staff to understand the rationale behind my desire to challenge the recent changes to the curriculum but also allow them to experiment with Augmented technology and hopefully encorporate this into their teaching
exhibition-unit 5 from Mr Sloan on Vimeo.

PASSWORD = culture

Final Project: Cultural Gap-ital

So that is it, all fininished! Now just to try and use this to take down the government's lacklustre approach to education and remix the whole curriculum!

The Intervention: Cultural Capital Go

Short Video here explaining the main outline of my intervention aimed at raising cultural access and awareness in our students:

Password : culture

Cultural Capital Movie from Mr Sloan on Vimeo.

Intervention Feedback: Staff

As all staff were notified of the changes to displays in the school and were given some idea of the intervention. I decided to get some feedback from two senior leaders in the school to enquire whether they thought the project had any value or impact.

Rachel Ray Chouduri - Assistant Head and Leader of the Faculty for Teaching and Learning. Head of Expressive Arts. Lead practicioner.

 "What i didnt realise was how much impact its had.. the schools strategic plan and one of the key areas we are working towards is the creative use of technology and if ever there was an example of creative use of technology then this is it"
Also mentioned:
Its widened their learning.. so students arent limited to just learning about their own subject specialisms.

The enthusiasm that she has seen for independent learning is excellent.

Embedding this lower down the school

Does 'museum culture' impact on students. Ray said yes i think its a starting even that is worthy..and if yo…