Gove vs Kwame-Appiah - Radio documentary Clash

Two nice radio examples of the main issues running through my research. First we have Michael Gove's School of Hard Facts in which the BBC highlight his dependence on the thinking of E.D.Hirsch and in doing so changes our curriculum into a nonsensical real life quiz show (except its for 12 -14 years and doesn't end in anyone winning a holiday for two to the isle of Fernandos!!)

To counter this I have provided the link to Kwame Anthony-Appiah's Reith lectures which aren't particularly addressing the idea of the changes to the recent UK curriculum, however his understanding of the complexities and nuances of culture and his call for the end of value judgements based on which culture we percieve to be 'better than others' is surely the antidote to Gove's depressingly archaic view of what Education is and can be.


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