Intervention Feedback: Staff

As all staff were notified of the changes to displays in the school and were given some idea of the intervention. I decided to get some feedback from two senior leaders in the school to enquire whether they thought the project had any value or impact.

Rachel Ray Chouduri - Assistant Head and Leader of the Faculty for Teaching and Learning. Head of Expressive Arts. Lead practicioner.

 "What i didnt realise was how much impact its had.. the schools strategic plan and one of the key areas we are working towards is the creative use of technology and if ever there was an example of creative use of technology then this is it"
Also mentioned:
Its widened their learning.. so students arent limited to just learning about their own subject specialisms.

The enthusiasm that she has seen for independent learning is excellent.

Embedding this lower down the school

Does 'museum culture' impact on students. Ray said yes i think its a starting even that is worthy..and if you can get student excited in something then you can take them to the next stage."

"You put those posters up and the buzz from staff and students.. was palpable"

Mr Lynch - Assistant Head Teacher, former Head of English

 "I think it has had impact"

"There is a need for students to have cultural capital and have a sound knowledge base... thats a difficult thing for teachers to address (as covering all content in lessons doesn't allow teachers to teach the skills stuff which can help students access the top grades)... so with that in mind to have a fresh approach to how we teach knowledge.. is particularly powerful."

"I think there has been significant impact in them chasing it"

"Its a trick that uses visuals to attract students to them take in extra information"

In getting this to be embedded further we could look to the fact that use of technology is on the school strategic plan and our focus on mastery would help for this kind of thing.


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