Who is Andreas Schleicher? Educations Keyzer Soze!

That tash! Who is this guy?! His name seems to appear in a lot of the reading I have been doing. He has created a test (PISA) that will test students across the globe and compare them equally regardless of culture. Lots of data. Lots of data. And he certainly accounts and champions the creation of new knowledge and skills. 

However despite many people loving him, including michael gove,(strangely?)  he still has many critics:

"But does Pisa have sufficiently robust data to justify its growing weight? Many critics think not. For one thing, the tests don't work as people think they work. You would expect all pupils to answer the same questions. In fact, according to an analysis by Copenhagen University in Denmark, only 10% of those who took part in Pisa 2006 were tested on all 28 reading questions, and about half weren't tested on reading at all. The OECD feeds real scores into a statistical device called the Rasch model so that it can work out "plausible values" for children who weren't tested. Schleicher says: "We want to test lots of different things but we have limited time. So we give the students different tests with overlapping content." He says it's a long-established statistical technique, enhanced by modern technology. But some statisticians insist it can't work for Pisa, because different test items work differently in different countries. Pisa's league tables, they say, are almost meaningless." (Guardian, 2013, https://www.theguardian.com/education/2013/nov/26/pisa-international-student-tests-oecd

However the video below eventually champions personalised learning and a lack of prescriptive knowledge based content. He may yet feature in the context part of this project! 


There are a whole list of criticisms about his PISA testing programme here: (i thought everybody liked pisa!)



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