Introduction and Outline

This blog is part of the Pedagogy unit of my MA in Creative and Media Education that I am currently studying at the University of Bournemouth. I am hoping to research the problem of cultural capital and background knowledge within, primarily KS5 students at my current place of work;Haggerston sixth form. This will be an action research project and will run for around 6 weeks.

Initially I am setting out to address this perceived lack of cultural literacy my using a curation pedagogy that enables students to create online multimedia 'mix tapes' (blogs!) of the cultural texts they think are of value. This will hopefully allow students to compare, view and experience a wider range of cultural texts and background knowledge without teachers falling into the trap of feeling they have to 'hand down' culture of a perceived better quality.

To ensure that students step out of their comfort zones and choose cultural artefacts that are genuinly new and relevant there will be some conditions for these mix tapes but more on that later!


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