Staff Interviews 4: Hannah Eagleton

Hannah is the Head of Sixth Form and member of the Senior Leadership Team at the school. She is also a subject teacher in Psychology and Maths.

Do students lack cultural capital? 
"Yes some of our students, and not just our students but my experience in previous schools,  they know a lot about the now and different strands of culture and celebrity culture, but its often historical references they lack".

Is cultural capital useful? 
"it might be that the only use it serves is to enable them to move on to the next level (in society)"

Hannah also explained using an example around the topic of conformity on the psychology curriculum that Cultural capital is useful in the contextual sense around historical time periods.

How are we tackling background knowledge in the sixth form currently:

- Giving wider reading
- Prior knowledge needs to be considered as part of the curriculum in the planning stage.

Has the curriculum changed? 

"(Maths) Its harder and there is more stuff to do, but in psychology there isn't as much of a change."

In Maths there is a lot more content..

"Knowing where to look for information is an important skill for students"


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