Staff Interview 2: Justin Harvey

Justin Harvey - Head of R.E at Haggerston School:

Overall comments highlight these areas: 

- R.E: students bring significant prior knowledge due to the demographic make up of our school (most families are Muslim or Christian).

Syllabus changes: KS4 - The new spec is nowmore traditionalist, liturgical and textual background of the new course. Students who are actively religious and visit places of worship might have a greater advantage.

A third unit at KS5 gives a priority to a set of scholars from a historical christian background.

The New specification moves the knowledge away from contemporary issues and prioritises lists of key texts and scholars. There are pre-identified religious texts that students must know about.

Many students will have gone through the learning of texts before, pedagogically they will have an advantage in that they are used to learning religious texts already before they approach the exam and the course.


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