Student Interviews 2 : C,D,E, and F

4 more students this time, from a range of backgrounds, 2 males and 2 females. 3 are from working class Irish and British backgrounds and 1 is from a middle class Indian household. The students are all fairly high achieving in  terms of their GCSE grades and AS level target grades.


1 student had visited an Art gallery in the last week and saw some usefulness in going

One student identified going to cultural places as useful in that:
"I think it can give you context to the things you are studying"

However she quickly realised that "its not really a priority" although she expressed a willingness to go to these places if she had the time.

Internet changes: 
"Art galleries and theatres are outdated.. you can find films on your phone"

"I think students get the wrong culture too easily" (because of the internet)

"The reason people use the internet (for access to culture) because its accessible"

Do you have cultural capital:

"I think we do have (some) but there is a lot more that we could know"

Some students hinted at the lack of engagement with culture:

"if I invited my friend to an art gallery she would say .. well.. why?"


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