Intervention Feedback: Students

As I have now run my first week or two of the Haggerston Cultural Capital Go game. I have posted below some of the interview / focus groups I had with students after the event to see if they thought it was useful or valuable and if they did indeed feel that it had made them aware of the need for more background knowledge.

 "Very interactive"
Students agreed that they were engaged more with the displays as a result. They also suggested ways in which this technology could be used by their subject teachers, which shows that they are aware of the possibilities for this interaction.
"When we did our blogs.. it (the app) helped a lot
"If you made it more specific to lessons then we would definitely go and find them"
"the treasure hunt brought it back to games when we were young which was fun"

Improvements:  Students thought that staggering the release of them out would be a good idea and that they could be linked to questions about this person.

"I actually learned quite a lot.. when i scanned certain people my friends said 'oh i'm learning about them' and so I wanted to learn about them to"
"If you have a picture of someone who is related to your subject then you can clearly use that in your subject and that extra bit of information might make your teacher say 'oh your cool'! "

A really interesting discussion here with students discussing the pros and cons of this idea.  Students all agreed that it was fun. "The writing part at the end was what made us learn"

Some students said they would look for them and some said they wouldn't. One student said she saw value in the culture being around the school as they 'don't always find it on the internet'. Most students thought that the treasure hunt, game aspect would be more successful than just placing posters around the school.


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